Proclaimed as being one of the safest communities in the country, Burlington has much to offer for its residents, but what are the things that really stand out that you should pay attention to if visiting?

Your dentist in Burlington, has put together some important factual and historical points to make note of if you are considering visiting or living here.

The Fwanksta, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Historic Burlington

Although officially becoming a city in 1974, Burlington has a history that stretches back much further, beginning in 1792 when the area was named Burlington Bay by the then lieutenant governor of the region, in reference to Bridlington, a small seaside town in Yorkshire, UK.

The land for the city was purchased from the Mississauga Nation by the British, and the community quickly grew. Farming dominated, with high demand products rapidly growing the port facilities, which were eventually superseded by the railways. In the early 20th century the area became known as the Garden of Canada for its rich soil, and was the first place to grow peaches in the country. Today you can still see this, with the Grindstone Creek watershed still completely dedicated to farming of all kinds.

The Royal Botanical Gardens is located here and features the world’s largest lilac collection. However, it is not just indoor displays that reflect that history of working the earth. Parks and green spaces are in abundance around the city and wider area, while local trails are a UNESCO designated wotkd Biosphere Reserve, covering the Kerncliff Park area, where hiking trails and more allow visitors to explore this beautiful natural space.


Burlington Landmarks


Perhaps the most easily identifiable  spot in the city is the Brant Street Pier, which reaches out a distance of 137 metres across the Lake, but there are others too. The Spencer Smith Park provides fantastic lake views and more, and the City Hall, a modern, striking design, sets the tone for the city itself.




A city with a small-town sense of belonging, there are a wealth o f events and social activities throughout the year that epitomise the sense of community that really tells the story of Burlington. With regular events for children all summer, there is always something to do for families. Outdoor events include a string of evening concerts from a variety of musical acts to suit most tastes, as well as a Movies in the Stars festival to enjoy the best of cinema in the park.

Big celebrations for Canada Day bring everyone together, while there are a huge variety of special interest festivals throughout the year, including beer festivals and more. The focus is always on bringing people together and enjoying life, a positive approach that gives a sense of communal belonging many cities just cannot deliver.

Outside of community events, there are a wealth of quality amenities to visit. At the same time, there is so much else to so, from Niagara to lakeside sports, natural hiking, biking and more, Burlington is all about choice. Whatever you love to do, from fine dining to the latest fashion, exploring nature or taking in the latest blockbuster movie, Burlington has you covered.

Population Growth

Burlington has been growing for over 100 years straight! With 186,948 people calling this beautiful city home as of 2021, will you?