Most people can return to their usual eating habits a week after tooth extraction. You must consume healthy, soft foods for a few days or weeks following treatment to speed up the healing. 

Maintaining a balanced diet for some time following your tooth extraction procedure will reduce the likelihood of developing infections at the extraction site and help you avoid unwanted complications.

Here are 6 examples of food you can eat after having a tooth extracted


1. Soup and Broth

After having a tooth pulled, the best thing to eat is a veggie soup like tomato soup or butternut squash soup. Chock full of vitamins and minerals, they are easy to get down the hatch. In addition, they keep you hydrated, which is very important after surgery. Do not eat it hot! When you’re ready to eat, make sure the soup is at room temperature. This is because hot foods can hurt the extraction site. Do not have any soups with big meat, pasta or veggie chunks in them also.

Like soup, broth is a great thing to eat after having a tooth pulled or your wisdom teeth removal. They are tasty, good for you, and full of vitamins and nutrients. Just like soup, make sure it’s at room temperature. Try bone broth for extra nutrition.

2. Oatmeal

After oral surgery, yogurt that is smooth and creamy is good for you and will help you feel better. There is a lot of protein, calcium, vitamins, probiotics, and other good things in this tasty treat. Protein-rich foods are important to eat while you’re healing because they can help you get better faster.

During your recovery time, another way to get more protein is to make a shake or drink with yogurt and protein powder. If you use a straw to drink or shake the juice, you may be more likely to get dry socket. Dry socket is a situation that happens when the blood clot that should be protecting the extraction site doesn’t form properly or breaks down or moves before the wound heals.



3. Soft potatoes (mashed, boiled)

One of the best comfort foods is mashed potatoes, and they’re also a great choice for after wisdom tooth extraction. Potatoes have a lot of calories and proteins that keep you going while you heal. Mashed sweet potatoes with butter are heavenly! 



4. Fried and scrambled eggs

One of the best things to eat after having your impacted wisdom teeth removal is a good old fashioned egg. They are simple to chew and swallow, and they have a lot of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Most importantly, they are one of the most satiating foods out there…they fill you up for a lot longer than other foods. Poaching, cooking, and boiling are just a few of the many ways to cook eggs. Scrambled eggs are the softest so those are the most recommended.


5. Cottage Cheese

Some people live by cottage cheese, and some people hate it. One thing is for sure, it’s full of protein and calcium and it’s very soft! You can mix it with zero sugar, zero calorie sauces like Walden Farm’s chocolate or pancake syrup to make it taste even better.




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