Restorative Fillings in Burlington


  • Let’s remove any decaying material in your tooth.

  • Let’s put in place natural looking, long lasting, durable fillings to restore your tooth

At Burlington Family Dental Centre, we use fillings to repair and restore teeth that are decayed, chipped, cracked or discoloured. We can also use fillings to create cosmetic improvements on your smile.


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Tooth Fillings in Burlington

Why do We Need Fillings?

Dental fillings accomplish a lot! We need fillings for several reasons:

  1. To repair decayed teeth
  2. To prevent future decay and tooth damage
  3. To reinforce tooth structure
  4. To hold up to biting, chewing, grinding of our jaw
  5. To last for many years.
  6. To improve the appearance of some teeth and our smile.


How we get your tooth ready for filling

First, we find out what’s wrong using a dental exam and x-rays. From there, we can see how many surfaces of your tooth is affected and how deep the cavity goes. Or if the tooth is broken, where the crack/chip is and to give us a rough idea of how to proceed. 

Then, we give you a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth and gums. Using a modern dental equipment, we can precisely eliminate the decay so that we cna preserve as much of the tooth as possible. Then, we apply advanced filling material into the area we cleaned out to preserve the tooth and prevent future decay and bacteria and put a UV light on it to cure it.  That’s it, the natural looking, long lasting, durable composite filling on your tooth is ready for you to enjoy. 



The Cost of Dental Fillings in Burlington

The cost of tooth fillings depends on a few factors such as the material used (composite vs. ceramic vs. glass ionomer), how many surfaces of the tooth is the decay or chip etc. Usually, the cost for a filling ranges from $200 to $500 per tooth but if you have insurance, it might only be $40 to $100 out of pocket expense (based on 80% payout). 

Our Patient Reviews in Burlington

Read our verified patient Google reviews about our emergency dentists and our dentist services.  Some of these people and their families have been with us for decades. At Burlington Family Dental Centre, we don’t just focus on the quality of dental work but also patient relationships.

Odette Fick
Odette Fick
January 11, 2024.
Dr. Emma D’Souza is absolutely phenomenal. The reception staff are friendly and professional. The hygienists and dental assistants are very knowledgeable and patient. The doctor herself is warm and kind. She explains everything she does and will answer all possible questions you have. I am so happy I moved to this dental clinic. Highly recommend this team!
Ferdie Teresa
Ferdie Teresa
January 10, 2024.
Had the best experience at Burlington Family Dental Centre. Very professional and friendly staff. Lisa the hygienist was amazing. Very knowledgeable and thorough with my treatment. I was made to feel comfortable and she clearly explained the process. With regard to Zoya's comments about her experience, it is very hard for me to believe that a clinic of this caliber would do a job that would dissatisfy anyone. It is important for us to be mindful of the mood we're in when writing a review. I have been a patient of Dr. D'Souza's for a long time and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new dentist.
Agnes Maculas
Agnes Maculas
January 10, 2024.
Thank you so much for the fast and wonderful service. I called Burlington Family Dental Centre with an emergency toothache. Wow this team was very accommodating and knowledgeable. Dr D'Souza thank for getting me out of pain.
Monika Lebrecht
Monika Lebrecht
November 17, 2023.
Shouting out to Emma & Mark for a pleasant treatment ... they went out of their way to make sure my experience was not an unpleasant one ... thank-you!
Jeff Davis
Jeff Davis
November 15, 2023.
Great place for dental work. Staff is pleasant and caring.
Seonhye Choi
Seonhye Choi
November 3, 2023.
I visited for the first time today I read Google's review Dr. D'Souza gave me a very professional and accurate treatment direction, so I can trust him. And Mark helped me with everything from X-rays when I first met him, but he was so kind and nice that I felt so comfortable. I've never been to a dentist in Burlington before, and I'll be here again. I want to say thank you to all the kind staff
Rohan Dave
Rohan Dave
October 27, 2023.
I recently had my wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. D’Souza, from the initial consultation to the procedure itself, everything was handled with professionalism and care. Dr.D’Souza and the entire team made sure I was comfortable and informed throughout the process. The extraction was virtually painless, and the recovery has been smooth. I highly recommend their office for anyone needing wisdom teeth removal. Thank you for the excellent service!

Filling FAQs 

How long do fillings last?

Ideally, a tooth filling can last anywhere between 7 to 20 years. However, it depends on how well you take care of your teeth. Do you brush and floss regularly? Do you eat low sugar and healthy foods most of the time? Do you see your dentist for an exam regularly? Finally, do you clench and grind your teeth? These factors affect the durability of the fillings.

Why do you need a filling?

As soon as decay is removed from your tooth, you need something to fill in the gap otherwise bacteria and food get in there. That would lead to further decay, root canal or tooth extraction and extreme pain because eventually your tooth root would be exposed or infected. Also, you need fillings to support the tooth under the immense, constant daily chewing, grinding and biting stresses that your mouth experiences. 

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