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Root Canal Burlington

What is root canal therapy?

When the pulp of the tooth is infected by bacteria, it can decay and cause harm to the tooth. Root canal therapy helps remove the bacteria, flush out the dead or dying nerves and restore your tooth’s health.

If left untreated, a cavity can really damage the tooth and reduce it’s functionality and structure.

As a part of restorative dentistry, Burlington Family Dental Centre offers root canal service.

When should you get a root canal done?

If you experience the following symptoms, you might need root canal treatment.

  • Severe toothache. This is pain that doesn’t go away and can impact your ability to sleep
  • Swelling and tenderness in the gums.
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold foods and liquids.

If you are unsure, give us a call now for free, friendly advice. Get your root canal treatment done in Burlington at Burlington Family Dental Centre.

What to expect during a root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is a safe, painless and common procedure done at the dental clinic. It’s common to be nervous before you have one done, and we are aware of that. That’s why we will help you through the entire procedure.

First, we need to exam the tooth and area in question to make sure we know the extent of the problem.

During the treatment, we use an anesthetic to numb the affected area. We will then clean the cavity to remove the germs and the infected part of the tooth pulp. Once the canal has been cleaned, we will fill it up and seal it.

Root Canal Treatment

 After the dental cavity has been sealed, we will assess it for any further signs of infection. If there are none, we put a dental crown on it to make it look like your other natural teeth, support your chewing and biting, prevent future bacteria from getting in there and to reduce the sensitivity as well. Dental crowns after a root canal last many years.

How much does a root canal treatment cost in Burlington?

The cost of a root canal varies from $696 to around $1593 with an average of $900. Since this treatment is considered important, your dental insurance likely covers the majority of the fee. The fee depends on the number of teeth and depth of the damage. Also, the fee doesn’t include the dental crown. It’s not recommended to delay getting the crown because it leaves the remaining tooth exposed to bacteria and food and also reduces the structural integrity of your bite.

How to care for your teeth after a root canal treatment?

Once the root canal treatment is completed, the after care is very important. You might feel some tenderness and discomfort after the anesthetic has worn off. If your gums are swelling or you have any serious pain, call us immediately.

Our Patient Reviews in Burlington

Read our verified patient Google reviews about our emergency dentists and our dentist services.  Some of these people and their families have been with us for decades. At Burlington Family Dental Centre, we don’t just focus on the quality of dental work but also patient relationships.

Ryan Kershaw
Ryan Kershaw
April 13, 2024.
Dr. Emma is a fantastic dentist. She is very thorough with her exams. Always has a warm welcoming smile :)
Raul Spencer
Raul Spencer
April 8, 2024.
Great staff always makes you feel relaxed and comfortable
Rowan Post
Rowan Post
April 5, 2024.
Very kind and professional staff. Nancy, Mark and Emma helped me with my dental anxiety.
Suzie Hreczynski
Suzie Hreczynski
April 5, 2024.
So grateful that Dr D’Souza is my dentist. She is a caring person along with a wealth of knowledge. Her commitment to go out of her way to do what is best for me is greatly appreciated. This along with the amazing staff makes going to the dentist not so stressful. Will be going here for life!!!
Dianke du Plessis
Dianke du Plessis
April 5, 2024.
Great service, and appreciate the detail Dr Emma goes into
Victoria Mitrova
Victoria Mitrova
April 4, 2024.
Always enjoy the experience with Dr. D’Souza and her team. Highly recommend!
Himanshu Behl
Himanshu Behl
April 4, 2024.
Dr D’ Souza has been very professional and listened to my queries and recommended a treatment plan beneficial for me. Her front desk staff is knowledgeable about the insurance process and helped me in resolving my queries regarding the claims. The Dental aid and the Hygienist are equally thorough in their line of work. Kudos to the team and carry on the good work! Cheers Himanshu
Kevin Milne
Kevin Milne
April 3, 2024.
Great experience as always. Always on time and very accommodating.

Root Canal FAQs

How long should root canal therapy last?

Root canal therapy can take anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes. If the issue is complex, it can take around 90 minutes. It usually takes one, sometimes two visits to the dentist to complete.

Can root canal treatment be done in one visit?

Yes, but for some cases, a root canal treatment usually takes two visits to the dentist to make sure the tooth is properly cleaned out, sealed up, and protected from further damage.

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If you are in serious pain and suspect you might have an infection or abscess, call us today for free, friendly advice or to book a root canal appointment. Don’t wait, we can likely save the tooth and prevent further infection.