Sport Dentistry – Confidence in Sport

Knowing that your teeth and mouth are protected from a potentially life-changing impact will allow you to go full throttle on the court, the field or the ice. Mouthguards today are a must for all athletes of all ages. The consequences of a dental injury are not only serious, but expensive, to fix. And with mounting evidence on the short-term and long-term impact of concussions, this couldn’t be a more important purchase.

In addition, we can help you be fitted for a ‘special’ customized Under Armour Armour-bite Sport Bite Oral Device that also has incorporated technology into its design which allows the user to not only protect their teeth, and has been shown to improve the wearer’s performance in their particular sport, whether it be getting better golf scores, quicker times in running events, cycling events, skiing events or even increasing and improving performance in events using strength and balance. Many professional and top athletes wear these customized bite guards.



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