Kids Smile the Brightest

Getting kids to the dentist as early as six months old Is a great way to create a positive relationship between child and health care provider. Not only can we see and address any issues with teeth as they emerge, our team can potentially prevent problems from creeping up. Prevention is always preferred over correction.

Children’s Dentistry

The best dentistry is “no dentistry”…. Just regular dental cleanings and dental/jaw growth monitoring. This can only happen if the parent/s invest in the dental home care of their child. It is a good idea to introduce your child to a dental office as young as possible, even whilst you are having a dental cleaning, it gets the child used to the sounds, smells and noises of the dental office. Eventually, these same kids ask for “their turn” to have a ride in the chair.

If you leave the introduction of your child to the dentist to a later date (used to be 3 years of age), the situation is fraught with trepidation. The child is often scared or nervous, and even with the best of intentions from parents, grandparents and other adults, children can sense the nervous feelings of the parent or grandparent when a visit to the dentist is mentioned!

So we encourage you to bring your child to the office with you, even though your infant child may still be in the car seat or stroller. They will gradually get used to the sounds etc. and take a visit to the dentist as a normal event. Even if they end up needing a filling or something similar at a later date, they are used to the environment and not scared by it.

Our goal for your child is that they would need no dentistry, other than maintenance or orthodontics. This is a collaborative effort. The caregiver has to be involved in the daily oral health maintenance of the child’s teeth. For a young child to be expected to brush and “floss” their own teeth properly is an unreasonable expectation. That will not work. Up to the age of about 5 years, the parent/s is the one doing it for their children. Children can “play” with the toothbrush, but flossing and effective teeth brushing are beyond their physical capabilities at a young age.

So, are you listening here moms and dads…it’s up to You! The early years are important to keeping the kids teeth clean. Your child is dependant on you, and needs your help.

With your help, this will be the best investment that you can make from a point of view of the child’s health and comfort, money, time and lack of anguish and worry.

In the Province of Ontario there are Government programs that will help with the financial cost of a child’s dental care, if you should need that help. Talk to us about this if you think that dental costs could be a financial strain on your budget. We are here to help and guide you.

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