TMJ causes significant discomfort, and for the worst cases where there is no response to changes in lifestyle and home exercises, will require some form of TMJ Treatment in Burlington to remedy. The exact nature of the treatment varies depending on the cause of the problem. However, as with any professional dental treatment, it is important to know if you are covered when looking for a solution to your TMJ problem.

It can be confusing, as typically dental treatment is not covered by OHIP, and the thought of covering the costs for such treatment can be daunting.

Is it dentistry or surgery?


OHIP is not applicable to dental services, which means treatments such as dental implants or wisdom teeth removal are not covered (for most cases). However, TMJ is a little different. While an oral problem, it blurs the lines between dentistry and surgery. This is further complicated by the wide range of causes for TMJ, and of course the variety of appropriate treatments for those differing causes.

So, if you visit a dentist to investigate a problem with TMJ, and medical surgery is not needed even if dental surgery is needed, then OHIP is not going to cover these costs.  If you are determined to need medical surgery, then likely it will be covered by OHIP.

Consult your dentist for fee options


It is important then, to consult your dentist about fixing your TMJ, so you can establish what is going on in your mouth. In many cases, where treatment doesn’t extend to medical surgery, OHIP won’t cover it, like all other forms of dentistry.  The team at the office can help you with fee options for any TMJ treatment you need. That’s what they are there for, to help you with your best options. They can also help you determine if your dental insurance plan covers all or a part of the work.  Together, you can get out of pain and discomfort from TMJ symptoms and go on with your life.